National Botanic Gardens

If you would like to order or make an inquiry about any of the prints recently on display - or to purchase a set of coasters based on the exhibition, please take note of the reference number and visit the Prints page.

Kingfisher   BG1

Mandarin Duck   BG2

Blue tit   BG3

Robin   BG4

Dipper   BG5

Grey heron   BG6

Jay   BG7

Goldfinch   BG8

Sparrowhawk   BG9

Treecreeper   BG10

Mute Swan   BG11

Mallard   BG12

Please note: all prints currently on display have been professionally printed, mounted and framed in wood and glass. Frames measure approx. 53 x 43 cm and prints measure approx. 35 x 28 cm. 

Pricing for prints as is:

... including p&p to any Irish address.