Dodder Pick and Mix

Just a glance at the pictures below will give you an idea of the tremendous richness and diversity of wildlife along Dublin's Dodder river. Every one of these creatures may be seen along the river. Everyone will have their favourites: for this reason, if you would like to buy a set (or sets) of coasters, please select your favourites - in multiples of four - and let us know by email from the Ordering page.....just like Pick n' Mix!

Little Egret CD1

Dipper CD2

Mallard CD3

Grey Heron CD4

Blue Tit CD5

Bullfinch CD6

Goldcrest CD7

Tree Creeper CD8

Grey Squirrel CD9

Chaffinch CD10

Goldfinch CD11

Jay CD12

Wren CD13

Fox CD14

Otter CD15

Cormorant CD16

Great Tit CD17

Grey Wagtail CD18

Long-tailed Tit CD19

Robin CD20

Moorhen CD21

Little Grebe CD22

Siskin CD23

Mute Swan CD24

Kingfisher CD25

Dunnock CD26

Mistle Thrush CD27

Blackbird CD28

Mandarin Duck CD29

Sparrowhawk CD30

Chiffchaff CD 31